The sign industry uses foam to manufacture letters and numerals that are easily cut and coated with paint to manufacture durable indoor and outdoor signs.

Foam used in the sign industry is seen everywhere.  It can be manufactured to produce any size of display.

In the architecture field, Insul-Board forms foam to the builder's exact specifications.  Builders have used the product to form impressive facades, pillars, window sills, door frames, balusters and curved walls.  Though it has many decorative uses, the foam also is a very valuable tool as a filler at many construction sites.  It is commonly used as a core in concrete bridge beams.  Foam particles are used as masonry fill in concrete foundation blocks.  Made of expanded polystyrene, the foam sheaths are often used as base insulation layers for walls, roofs and foundations.  The solid panels also are used as cores in door construction.

Foam also has many uses in boating.  We have made flotation devices and floating docks that are used all over the country.  Insul-Board's foam has been used to manufacture boat cradles (foam storage units that cradle boats when they are out of the water during winter).  This eliminates the need for storing boats on wood or concrete blocks.