All manufacturers of EPS are aware of the need to consider the impact of the product on the environment. The manufacturers are also aware of the need to minimize the energy used in making the product and maximize the amount of energy which can be reclaimed.

Recycled EPS can be used to make a number of new, versatile materials and end products. These include:

  • Remolding into foam - the raw material is used for the production of loose fill packaging and even new EPS moldings
  • Re-use in other plastic applications - examples include plastic stationery products, video and CD cases, coat hangers, plant pots, etc
  • Re-use in extruded applications - one example, hardwood replacement, can be used to make products such as garden furniture, window and picture frames
  • Re-use in lightweight concrete and building products - grounded EPS is mixed with cement to make a lightweight concrete material for insulating swimming pools, flat roofs, floors, etc.

Like most foam fabricators, Insul-Board is a recycling collection point that accepts clean polystyrene packaging materials from private companies only.